Project Lifecycle Management
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Project management challenges

Every green space project follows a lifecycle, from initial vision to ongoing maintenance. Under ideal circumstances, that process flows efficiently from one phase to the next. All participants share a common vision, and as the primary responsibility for each phase is passed from one participant to the next, the transitions are smooth and coordinated.

  • No single participant in the project has responsibility for the entire project lifecycle.
  • Rarely is any single participant able to oversee the entire project lifecycle.
  • Downstream experts such as facilities and grounds managers often have little input in the early phases of the project.
  • Budgets, training, and equipment are often not part of the equation.
  • The scope of work is often not fully realized or managed efficiently.

How to ensure your project’s success

By providing an independent perspective, facilitating shared decision-making, and applying broadbased knowledge across all phases and aspects of the project management lifecycle, Tom Irwin Advisors can help you address issues before they become problems. The project lifecycle ends with sustainable parks and fields that provide recreation and enjoyment for generations.

Here’s what a successful project looks like:

  • We assume responsibility on your behalf for the entire project lifecycle
  • We give you insight and guidance, keeping you in the loop during every phase of the project.
  • We bring in facilities and grounds experts for early consultations to ensure ultimate success.
  • Realistic budgets for training and equipment are built into the total project cost equation.
  • The scope of work is fully understood, agreed upon and managed efficiently.


Design is the most critical phase of the project life cycle, providing an opportunity to identify and eliminate or mitigate potential issues before they become costly problems. Tom Irwin LEED Accredited Advisors’ Design services include:

  • LEED, Green Globes, SITES, and other environmental certification planning
  • Advising on facility design and specification
  • Facilitating collaboration and communication among engineers, architects, scientists, attorneys, and designers
  • Design specification and vendor evaluation
  • Budgeting and estimating
  • Bidding and permitting


During the Build phase, Tom Irwin Advisors acts as your independent Project Administrator­— coordinating resources, ensuring adherence to schedules and specifications, and identifying and resolving issues. Our Build services include:

  • Oversight and management of project construction including contractor supervision, quality control of materials, workmanship, and equipment
  • Pre and post construction evaluations and benchmarking
  • Scheduling required tests and inspections
  • Quality assurance


The successful completion of a green space project is only the beginning. True sustainability requires ongoing effort to properly maintain the condition of the property and ensure its performance for years to come. Our Manage services include:

  • Environmental Management Systems and Sustainability Auditing
  • Performance Quality Standards assessments
  • Equipment evaluation and recommendations
  • Maintenance planning
  • Maintenance staff training
  • Turf grass agronomy services
  • Health and safety risk assessment and recommendations

Every green space project is unique, with its own challenges, opportunities, and other management factors. Whether you’re just embarking on a project, undertaking a major revitalization effort, or simply seeking to take a property from good to great, Tom Irwin Advisors can provide as much — or as little — support as you need to ensure that your park or sports field is everything you imagined: beautiful, safe, enjoyable, and sustainable for years to come.

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