Mink Meadows Golf Club

"The Irwin system – the formula, the attitude, the companies – just jibed with my temperament, my personality, and my professionalism."

—Matt Crowther, CGCS Superintendent, Mink Meadows Golf Club

Matt Crowther’s passion for his work is obvious. After all, how many golf superintendents write a blog about their jobs (www. minkmeadows.blogspot. com), complete with progress reports on course improvements. Since starting the blog three years ago, the golf superintendent at Mink Meadows Golf Club on Martha’s Vineyard has attracted a regular readership.

15th hole approach at Mink Meadows

For Crowther, the blog is a way to share his love of turf management and his professional home of the past 18 years. That love began a long time ago.

“I went to the University of Rhode Island for landscape architecture,” he said. “I tried to get a job in their greenhouse, but they didn’t have any openings, so they sent me down to the turf research center to cut grass. Dr. Richard Skogley, a world-renowned turf breeder, was there and every so often, he’d say, ‘Matt, landscape architecture is fine, but have you ever thought about getting into turf?’”

When Crowther needed a summer job to help pay for school, Dr. Skogley helped him get one at Potowamut Golf Club in East Greenwich. Matt knew for certain that turf management was his calling.

“I can’t walk onto a property, do some landscaping, and then not come back for three weeks,” he said. “I needed to be the ground steward, every day.” Before long, Crowther had married, graduated, and signed on as an assistant superintendent at Pine Brook Country Club in Weston, Massachusetts. That was where he first encountered Tom Irwin.

“The superintendent I worked for at Pine Brook was a Tom Irwin client,” Crowther recalled. “Jack Petersen was our salesman and I sat in on a few sales meetings with Jack.” Matt Crowther saw that Petersen and the Tom Irwin team shared his passion for turf.

He remembered that when he got his chance to be the superintendent at Mink Meadows in 1995. Tom Irwin quickly became a part of his team.


Not surprisingly, the golf blogger also appreciates Tom Irwin’s online tools.

“I love the planner,” said Crowther. “It’s cutting edge. I can be more efficient down at my chemical building, not having to print paper to look at what I’m applying. I used to use an Excel spreadsheet to track my chemical sprays for the state pesticide use report. After we had spent 20 hours entering all the data, I found out all I had to do was push a button on my online planner and it would print it out for me. I just laughed!”

There’s a lot of Matt Crowther everywhere you look at Mink Meadows. “It’s not a job for me,” he said. “I live here. It’s my life. I’ve raised my son here. Everything I’ve done I’ve done for the good of the Mink Meadows Association, which includes not only the golf course, but also four miles of dirt roads, a beach, and several ponds.”

According to Crowther, Tom Irwin brings that same passion to supporting him. “That’s why we’ve enjoyed such a great and successful relationship,” he said.

Matt welcomes you to contact him if you have any questions about his experience with Tom Irwin: matt@minkmeadowsgolfclub.com

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