Duxbury Yacht Club

"The key to the program is that it’s just a good investment, and the value comes back to you tenfold."

—Peter Lanman, Duxbury Yacht Club Golf Course

“I grew up at the Club,” said Peter Lanman, referring to the Duxbury Yacht Club.  That’s no exaggeration. The son of longtime Club members, he spent much of his childhood at the 118-year-old private facility, which offers boating, golf, and tennis. It also provided him with his first work experience.

Hole #18, Duxbury Yacht Club Golf Course

Peter Lanman recalls, “When I was 13 or 14, I started working on the clay tennis courts, sweeping the courts and doing maintenance. When I got into high school, I started working on the golf course, and continued through most of college.”

He’s still working on the 18-hole golf course – only now he’s doing it as the superintendent. A graduate of the Winter School for Turf Management at UMass Amherst, Lanman was named  superintendent in 1993 and spent his first years in the job “getting my feet wet,” as he put it. “As far as turf products, I was just buying on the fly.”

That changed in 2001 when Lanman was first approached by Tom Irwin’s Greg Misodoulakis.

“Greg came in and he just took a different tack with me – which really was the beginning of our relationship,” he remembered. “It started with soils. He came in and said, ‘Hey, let me pull a couple of soil samples from different locations on the golf course. We’ll get them tested then reconvene and look at them, then we can start to talk about what products might do better for you."

Lanman remembered thinking, “This is a great thing. He’s coming in and not just selling me XYZ. He’s saying I want to work here with you on your golf course, but in order to do that, we  need to find out what your golf course is all about.”

The timing was appropriate. “I had one putting green in particular – the tenth green – that I was having a problem with,” Lanman said. “About 50 percent of it was thinned out and constantly under stress. It was getting worse and worse and got very fragile during the hot days.”

The Tom Irwin team took a half-dozen samples from different terrain around the course and tested the water, as well, which turned out to be a bit brackish.

“We found the deficiencies there and quickly turned that around,” said Lanman. The experience made him a Tom Irwin believer. He now relies on Tom Irwin’s strong analytical skills on a regular basis.

Duxbury Yacht Golf Club Clubhouse with Rock the Boarder Collie

“They use the Logan Labs soil testing facility, which I think is the best in the business,” said Lanman. “And the University of Rhode Island – they have a great relationship with Dr. Mitkowski, the university’s turf grass pathologist. Whenever we have anything we’re not 100% sure on, I’ll call Greg, he’ll grab a sample, and send it to the Doc for testing. Within 24 hours, we’ll have an answer.”

Lanman feels the Tom Irwin team is as invested in his golf course as he is. “They’re very proactive,” he noted.  “Recently, Greg called about making some adjustments to the planner because of some growing concerns about pythium root dysfunction that had been diagnosed in my area. Greg reached out to me before it had a chance to hurt me.”

“I like to say we’re working smarter, not harder,” said Lanman.  “Before I started working with Tom Irwin, we missed a lot of that stuff and had to work harder to keep the conditions. Now, they make my life a little bit easier. The key to the program is that it’s just a good investment, and the value comes back to you tenfold.”

Peter welcomes you to contact him if you have any questions about
his experience with Tom Irwin: dycsuper@comcast.net

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