Spring Valley Country Club

"The benefits from partnering with someone who truly cares, someone who can really help you succeed, is what management is all about."

—Don D’Errico, Spring Valley Country Club

The way Don D’Errico sees it, when you find something that works, you stick with it. So when he joined Spring Valley Country Club in Sharon, Massachusetts as superintendent in September of 2012, D’Errico brought along the vendor that had supported him solidly for more than a decade – Tom Irwin.

17th hole fairway, Spring Valley Country Club

Ranked among the top courses in Massachusetts, Spring Valley has hosted the Massachusetts Open Championship, the NEPGA Massachusetts Chapter Championship, and the Senior Fourball Championship, in addition to The Bill Stewart Memorial Golf Classic benefiting the Boston Bruins Foundation, several Dana Farber charity tournaments and two annual LPGA golf clinics for women.

D’Errico was used to maintaining a high-profile golf course. He had spent 11 years as superintendent at Pleasant Valley Country Club in Sutton, Massachusetts – a nationally-recognized course known for hosting dozens of PGA and LPGA tour events over the years.

It was while he was at Pleasant Valley that Don D’Errico first encountered Tom Irwin in the person of representative Rob Larson. “Rob and I met in 2003 and developed a good relationship,” he said. “Slowly but surely, it turned into an almost exclusive partnership with Tom Irwin.”

One of the Tom Irwin team’s key advantages, according to D’Errico, was that they saw his work through his eyes. “They’re not just turf guys, they’re golf guys as well,” he said. “Many of them are former golf superintendents, so they know how to integrate your plans with golf in mind.”

The relationship was cemented when the Tom Irwin team helped D’Errico achieve maximum impact despite budget constraints during tough financial times at Pleasant Valley. “Long story short, Tom Irwin really hung in there with me,” he said.

When he arrived at Spring Valley, D’Errico found himself in an advantageous position. The golf course had never been in better shape.

“They’d invested in capital improvements,” he said. “They rebuilt all the greens, all the bunkers. The quality of the turf was there. My job was to take it to the next level.”

Don D’Errico’s new Tom Irwin rep is Chris Petersen and the continuity of service has been noteworthy.

Spring Valley Clubhouse

The two quickly got to work. “Chris and I started taking soil samples, water samples, putting a plan together to find out what’s deficient, what needs the attention, and I’ve been working closely together with him to accomplish that,” said D’Errico.

“Tom Irwin is always the one you call when you need help,” he said, adding that “the benefits from partnering with someone who truly cares, someone who can really help you succeed is what management is all about.”

They have so much more to offer than just selling a product.  They take things to the next level,” said D’Errico. He cites Tom Irwin’s online planner as an example. “I use the planner pretty much every day,” he said. “I’m squeezing more benefits out of it than ever.”

“They offer all the help in the world through seminars, conferences, and management training sessions provided through independent companies,” said Don D’Errico. “If Tom Irwin doesn’t have the answers, they’ll even hook you up with the people who do.”

And that’s what friends are for.

Don welcomes you to contact him if you have any questions about his
experience with Tom Irwin: donny@springvalleycountryclub.com







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