Our Mission

Tom Irwin’s mission is to ensure your success by focusing more on you and the long-term health of your turfgrass than the short-term goal of making a sale. You’ll see we’ve built an entire community to offer you the expert advice, innovative products and unique services to help achieve your goals. With Tom Irwin, you’re not alone.

Chris Petersen

President, Tom Irwin, Inc.

We take an individualized approach to your personal and professional needs. That means collaborating with you in ways that don’t even occur to most suppliers. We help you… 
  • Analyze and interpret soil and water tests from your site. 
  • Employ university pathology assays to identify plant problems or confirm field diagnosis
  • Automate the planning of your chemical, fertilizer, and cultural applications, allowing you to track schedules, expenditures and inventory online, in real time
  • Grow and expand your expertise in the business of turfgrass management by hosting educational and leadership seminars
  • Develop and implement a strategic agronomic plan for your property
  • Succeed in achieving your goals by backing you up with the best team in the business

As we’ve come to realize, championship turfgrass is the result of the collaborative effort of the team you choose to build.