The Tom Irwin story, from the start

Today, Tom Irwin Inc is known by turf professionals throughout New England as the premier provider of testing/analysis services, plant nutrition, control products, and most importantly, the advice and knowledge to use them successfully. 

Our company started out in the 1940’s as the Tom Irwin Company, a greenhouse supply firm run by a man named, not surprisingly, Tom Irwin. After completing his service in the Navy,Tom’s son, Norm Irwin, joined his father’s business in the early 1950’s. It was in 1960 that Norm Irwin decided to focus the company on the emerging golf course supply market. Jack Petersen of Evergreen’s Greenhouse in Woburn Mass, Norm’s friend and customer, joined Norm later that year and together they grew and expanded the business, eventually encompassing all of New England and parts of New York.



 Tom Irwin                                        Norm Irwin                                            Jack Petersen

When Norm Irwin passed away in 1986, Jack Petersen bought the company. In 1988, Jack’s son, Chris Petersen, was hired as a sales representative. He became president and CEO in 2002. Jack Petersen continued to play an advisory role in the company until his passing in 2011.

“My father taught me most everything I know about the industry – but the lessons I value most were about how to do the right thing by people,” Chris Petersen says. “It all goes back to my father’s philosophy of helping our clients achieve their goals.”

“One way we do that is by conducting regular leadership forums to help turf professionals develop their skills as leaders and communicators in order to work with club or municipal officials. We also encourage our clients to get to know one another, to network and to treat each other like family.”